October 2013, by Pragya Shresta

October 2013, by Pragya Shresta

Dear all,
I would like to narrative report in short about the 5 days “Gestalt Psychotherapy” Training last October.
The topic on this block was creative adjustment – how the client/ person creatively adjust with the situation, whether it is “depression” or “substance abuse” or another problem he is suffering about.

What we learned:                                         
–  being together with the client
–  mind mapping: a way of ordening thoughts and issues
–  letting go judgment, interpretation, explanation to come closer to client
–   difference between creativity to survive life and creativity to celebrate life, developing yiour talents and qualities
– the paradox of acceptance
– guided fantasy – meditation
– Gestalt is a process–oriented approach, not a technique
– identification and dis-identification
– giving and receiving feedback
– discovering your dream and make a manifestation
– sharing feelings/ thoughts as a possibility to remove the blockage that is stuck in the body

DSC_0102This block helped me to understand who am I as a person and helped me to shape my career in the near future.
I love the enthusiasm to work in the present. Beside what a learn  in my profession this education offers me really care for me as a caregiver.

With warm regards, PragyaDSC_0232






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