Bricks for Nepal! – March 2016

Bricks for Nepal! – March 2016

After the cold winter months, people are still living in shabby, improvised cottages and tents, so we decided to help them by restoring their houses or to build small cottages.
Price: approx. 1750.00 € each.
During our stay in March we visited  several families.
Here you see the house which is built for Sabitha and her family; you meet Sundari, an old lady before the damaged house and then on the doorstep of the new cottage.
The 4th foto is taken in the house of Dilkumari. You can meet her also with her little baby.

We started with 3 houses. In  total we were able to help 6 families. Bianaya and Minakshi are organizing this project.

Name of this project: Bricks for Nepal!

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