Training program

Training program

Next training:

  • March 2018: Group 3: 8-12th with Frans 
  •                          Group 2: 13-17th with Frans and Beatrix
  •                          Group 4: 18-20th with Beatrix – NEW GROUP
  •                          Supervision for group 1: 21rd with Frans
  • June 2018 : Group 2, 3 and 4 with Greet, Ernst and Giovanni

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Participants: psychologists, students psychology, social workers, counselors, teachers, trainers.

Problems Nepalese caretakers are confronted with: PTSS of postwar trauma’s, depression, anxiety disorders, intergenerational conflicts, extreme violence, drug addiction, stolen children, children prostitution, street children, refugees, survivors of burn violence. After the earthquakes psychologists report an enormous increase of suicide, alcohol addiction, depression, and because of a lack of mental healthcare  young schoolchildren show a lot of characteristics of hysterical conversion.

A basic schedule of the four year training program
The wish of all participants is to go for a profound, long lasting, serious training program and not for just another short course or training.

A majority of the participants even want to go for full membership of the EAGT after finishing the training program. They expect that this membership will be a support to them by the fact of being part of a larger, international professional network.

Therefore, we decided from the beginning to develop a four year training program with an additional year for supervision, that all together will reach the standards of the EAGT.

Because of practical reasons we organize the training in several blocks of five days per year. This makes it quite intensive, but saves a lot of costs on travelling for the trainers.

The structure and content are a combination of personal experience, methodology and theory and supervision.