The very beginning, an introduction workshop – July 2011

The very beginning, an introduction workshop – July 2011

Introductionworkshop – July 2011

nepal 6 - ws 02515 participants took part in this 1st workshop: counsellors, social workers and psychologists working in centres for support of children who are sexually abused, street children, victims of torture, refugees and young people with other traumatic experiences from the civil war period (until 2006).

‘We first  made an inventory of  the topics in their work and explored possible cultural differences. It was important to us that we could build up an idea about the situation of mental healthcare in Nepal.

During the introduction we actually worked around the polarity surviving versus quality of life. In relation to this basic topic we encountered sub-topics like: awareness, phenomenology, contact and especially styles of contacting in relation to culture.

nepal 6 - ws 041Furthermore we gave an introduction on some of the basic principles of the Gestalt theory and methodology. We have used those two days as an intake for the four year Gestalt training program.

At one hand we as trainers were deeply shocked by what we have seen and heard about the typical problems and the menthal healthcare situation in this country and on the other hand, deeply impressed and touched by the high degree of motivation and   professionalism, the participants showed.

nepal 6 - ws 062At the end, we were very motivated as teachers and psychotherapists to bring Gestalt alive in Nepal as a contribution of the social situation.’