People involved

People involved

People involved  since the start in 2011.

Co founders and members of the core staff : Greet Cassiers (B), Ernst Knijff (B) and Frans Meulmeester (Nl).





From June 2017 the staff is expanded by Beatrix Wimmer (A) and Giovanni Turra (It)






Responsable for the institute since 2016:


Minakshi Rana: coordinator
and Nima Sherpa: finances



Minakshi Rana: coordinator since 2014
also for the humanitarian projects after
the earthquakes in 2015



Cofounder in Kathmandu in 2011 and coordinator until 2014 : Shambar ThapaShambar Thapa
was a psychosocial counsellor and the initiator of Gestalt Institute Nepal. He had worked around 10 years in different child rehabilitation homes in Nepal with street children, orphanages, victims of family violence and political arm conflicted children.In his work he felt a lack of qualities and skills to deal with the severe problems he met.
Untill then there was no way to get more training in psychotherapy in Nepal. Because he was unable to go abroad for such further training, he asked a friend to look around in Europe for an institute, that was willing to come to Nepal and provide them  such a training. The MultidiMens Institute was available for it and together with them he founded the Gestalt Institute  Nepal in the summer of 2011. ‘I am very proud and happy that together with the core team, we have created this opportunity for all my colleagues in psychosocial counselling here in Nepal.’ In 2014 Shambar left Nepal for the US. His task has been taking over by Minakshi Rana.