Needs and expectations

Needs and expectations

Needs and expectations of the participants

‘During  the first workshop  in 2011 we  investigated with the participants what a four year training program in the Gestalt approach could offer to them or in other words, what they need in addition to what they already have as a professional background.

As we already stated, we were deeply impressed by the severe circumstances these counsellors have to face and on the other hand, the high degree of professionalism in which they deal with these circumstances.

It made us become humble and ask our self: “Who are we, that we can think we can teach them?”
However, it became clear, that it was exactly this attitude  that touched the participants. Too many times in the past, trainers from abroad came to Nepal just ‘to do their thing’ and to disappear afterwards without a proper support for implementation and follow up.’

Here under is a short list of what the participants mentioned to us. We quote:

  • We had several short training programs of 3 days or a few weeks, but we miss a framework.
  • We want to become certified therapists; in our country psycho-social healthcare is hardly acknowledged (an article in the Kathmandu Post even speaks about the fact that the existence of mental disability is highly denied in this country and therefore the necessity of mental healthcare is actually also denied or at least diminished (KTMP, July, 2011).
  • The acknowledgement of an international, professional organisation like the EAGT feels for us like a strong support; knowing that people care for us and our work.
  • We need care for us as caretakers by means of more background, supervision and a solid theory etc.
  • We think from what we know about Gestalt from our former education that the Gestalt approach can offer us a solid base. We are not looking for more, new techniques.