In May 2011 Multidimens (Gestaltinstitute working for 35 years in Belgium and the Netherlands until 2016) was approached by Shambar Thapa with the request to support him in building up a Psychotherapy training Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal. The trainers Greet Cassiers (B), Ernst Knijff (B) and Frans Meulmeester (Nl)were able and willing to provide a Gestalt training program according to the international standards of the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) for a group of counsellors who were working in the care of children, refugees and victims of sexual abuse and torture.

After a brief exploration of this request the management team of MultidiMens agreed to be involved in this project and as a first step decided to go to Nepal in July 2011 for three weeks with three important goals:

  1. Getting more in touch with the actual situation in Nepal (culture, social economics, mental healthcare etc.)
  2. Providing a two days introduction workshop on the Gestalt approach for those who are interested in following the possible four year training program
  3. Exploring the motivation, needs and competencies of the future participants

Team Himalaya Pathway 3During this stay they worked very hard on informing themself about the actual situation, providing the workshop and building up the basic structure for the organization and program.

After the evaluation they decide to go on and to start a four year gestalt training which started in April 2012 with 20 students.