Balance of giving and receiving

Balance of giving and receiving

The balance of giving and receiving

A project like this can only succeed if there is a balance of giving and receiving, of investment and gain for all participants in the project, students as well as trainers as well as supporting organizations like MultidiMens, EAGT, European Association for Gestalt Therapy and AAGT, Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy.

What is in it for them?
We think we can offer the counsellors in Nepal:

  • A solid fundament for working, which is based on a evidenced and experienced based theory on psychotherapy.
  • An approach and attitude which is not focussed on creating quick, short term solutions, but has proven its value in dealing with the effects of deep existential crises like war and torture, abuse etc.
  • A further development and improvement of the mental healthcare within in Nepal.
  • A team of trainers who have a long lasting experience as trainer and therapist in a multicultural and international setting.
  • A program which will be adjusted to the needs and competencies of the participants and the specific socio-economic situation in Nepal.
  • Acknowledgement by the EAGT which is a worldwide highly respected professional association for Gestalt Psychotherapists all over the world.

What is in it for us?
We are totally convinced that we too will gain a lot by providing this program in Nepal and from the further cooperation with the  Gestalt Institute Nepal.

  • We will be challenged to implement the Gestalt approach in a country and culture that is totally new for us.
  • This project will deepen our understanding and thinking of other cultures and mental health situations throughout the world.
  • This project will also deepen our understanding and thinking of the Gestalt approach. Gestalt therapy is the therapy of contact. Contact is the essence of gestalt and this project will force us to explore and possibly reconsider the basic concepts of the Gestalt approach in their possibilities as well as in their limitations.
  • This experience will improve and deepen our quality as Gestalt trainer as well as Gestalt therapist by being confronted with such a severe socio-economic situation and the existential crises which are so foreground in this country.